Nonagon festival 2024

Audiovisual art and experimental music festival in the former oil tanks of Svanö island, Ådalen.

Nonagon is an art and music festival focused on experimental and audiovisual expressions. The festival takes place on July 26-27 in two decommissioned oil cisterns on Svanö Island, in Ådalen, Sweden. The cisterns have a unique reverberation time of up to 25 seconds, and inside visitors are met with echoing and spherical sounds. Artists collaborate in new constellations to create audiovisual pieces specifically designed for this unique space and time. The festival features a diverse program of audiovisual performances, art exhibition, DJs, workshops, and artist talks, presented on two stages and an art gallery.


Trio Ramberget
Diane Emerita
Stora Ord
Yoann Durant
Future Daughter
Call of the Void
Fia Fiell
DJ Seduce
The End Trio
Elme Ämting
Ovan Jord
Anneli & Tove Nowén
Eirik Brandal
Erik Faisal Hasselberg
Torbjörn Fernström

+ more TBA


Travel to Nonagon by bus with Rättbuss/Lamour!

The success from 2023 is back, travel with Lamour and Rättbuss to Nonagon festival! Make the journey a part of the festival experience with Northern Europe’s best cultural bus, driven by Northern Europe’s friendliest bus driver. The pre-party starts at Cityterminalen in Stockholm with stops at the most beautiful destinations along the E4.

On board the bus, there will be festivities and music. Of course, we also have a bar and restroom on board. DJs AKB and Slim Vic will set the mood and mindset with their turntables during the journey. DJ Quiz – the local sensation from Gävle – will make an appearance shortly after Tönnebro. There is also space for travelers to contribute to the onboard program. Perhaps you want to offer activities such as stand-up comedy, bookkeeping strategies, or relationship advice. Inform the crew before the journey. We organize this trip together with Nonagon to provide a smooth and cozy alternative to SJ’s poor booking system (iykyk).


Tickets and more information:


The festival is funded by The Swedish Arts Council, Region Västernorrland, Bertil & Britt Svenssons Stiftelse för Belysningsteknik and Kramfors Municipality.


fre 26 jul - lör 27 jul


872 93, Lunde